The founders of the club are all portfolio, programme, product and project (P4) management professionals who have been frustrated by our organisations lack of will and ability to integrate governance around P4 delivery. While many talk about poor tools, under resourced PMO, lack of training, inadequate method etc., for ineffective delivery and accomplishment, we believe it is primarily down to ineffective governance and overarching ecosystem to enable governance. We believe this strongly and passionately so we started a process to provide a framework to solve this endemic concern.

The process we followed produced collective outputs we refer to as the Business Integrated Governance Model, shortened to BIG

It means our journey from Main Board Objectives, Targets and Challenges can be delivered through portfolios, programmes and projects regardless of your functional perspective. If you operate in the context of finance, management teams, support and assurance, BIG can help you operate more easily and effectively. Our key goals are to deliver more strategic outcomes, greater business agility, lower management overhead and better efficiency. 

The team is proud to be volunteer based and the content is delivered into the public domain. To date, over 80 people (client organisations, tool vendors, data specialists, consultants) have been personally recognised for contribution to leadership, content development, or review of the materials. 

Further links and resources: 

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Webinar presented to the APM PMOSIG here. 

Our Founder and Chariman, David Dunning presented the BIG idea in a Major Project Association Interview, and you can watch below!