There are benefits to joining the club and benefits to the BIG Model 

The club – is free for one thing. It is a place to gain knowledge, network, solve problems and contribute to enhance your reputation. It is a place to be seen. 

The BIG Model – these depend on who you are, what your organisation is and how well you deliver culture change. 

Here is a starter for 10. What can you add / disagree with? 

Problem / Impact Resolving Outcomes Solution Benefit Customer Stakeholder 
Board level information poor. Manual effort and inaccuracy preparing material leading to Lack of faith in the data Clear information needs for a clear governance operation, integrated P3M data, simplified assurance, standard reporting, flexible MI capability Less time spent collating data, less time spent on data query resolution. Less hedging in decision making All boards 
Too much presentation on history and not enough forecasting and prediction Clear information needs for a clear governance operation, integrated P3M data, more reliable forecast data and analysis Less time spent on data query resolution. More time spent on solution definition. Less hedging in decision making All boards 
Independently managed toolsets don’t have their enterprise data aligned – so manual integration problematic Maintain enterprise data reference in a data store to enable all toolsets to use the same code schemes Less time spent on data query resolution PMO 
Forced to use an enterprise toolset that does not support local needs or business operation leading to poor data quality and additional parochial solutions Enable local tool usage with the proviso that the data model is supported Better data quality for governance, tools of choice for better local operation less adoption issues / expense. Dis benefit more tools to support Department Heads. Delivery community – Programmes, Projects, Team Members etc. 
Cannot easily see the portfolio when data is stored in multiple toolsets  Enable local tool usage with the proviso that the data model is supported Visualise the portfolio and aggregated resource demand more easily. Less time spent on data query resolution. Less hedging in decision making All boards. Department Heads & resourcing teams. Delivery community – Programmes, Projects, Team Members etc. 
Multiple reports created in multiple technologies with multiple data “fixes” to generate outputs, along with sustainment implication Clear information needs for a clear governance operation, integrated P3M data, one set of core reporting and one reporting technology to support for ad hoc query Less time spent collating data. Less time spent on data query resolution. Less reporting tools to support, greater concentrated MI capability. Delivery community does not have to re-invent wheels IT. PMO, Assurance, Delivery community 
No historical data, only what is in the tool now, cannot see trend and cannot hold people to account Core Dataset includes historical snapshots outside respective tooling that otherwise may not Trend reporting and claim resolution simpler PMO, Assurance, Delivery community 
PMO provides information the executive does not want, executive does not express what information is needed to PMO Enable conversations about governance data needs between operations and executive Picture from strategy to delivery and back again available to support joined up business decision making. Less parochial reporting work All boards, PMO Delivery Community 
Small organisations do not have the resources to implement and sustain a full PPM solution Provide a core data model that simple solutions – as well as sophisticated ones – can deliver against PPM benefits without needing PPM tool investment and change. Less parochial reporting work PMO, Delivery Community 
Consultants do not have a starter governance framework or data model to engage clients with leading to less ability to engage and slower delivery Data framework and sample governance framework  More engagements started. Faster benefits delivered. Better application of consultant time to exploit rather than devise a solution IT. PMO, Delivery community 
Painful data integration scenarios patching over incompatible operations and tool features Data integration in a data warehouse joins data through common code scheme. Focus on what is needed, not what is possible Less expense to deliver governance information. Less expense to maintain a data warehouse than bilateral tool integrations PMO, IT 
Un aligned operating models across the portfolio, departments, suppliers, customers causing additional work and slower decision making  Focus on governance and related data needs enables closer alignment Less data integration issues smoother operation enabled by common understanding of that is needed top to bottom, in and out PMO, Delivery Community, Department Heads & resourcing teams, suppliers, customers 
Complex data models caused by lack of understand on what is really needed and from mis alignment of incompatible solutions  Focus on governance and related data needs enables closer alignment Design, build and sustainment of technology and support models less expensive. Simplification of operations IT, PMO, Delivery Community, Department Heads & resourcing teams. Suppliers, Customers 
Expensive and risky software solution deployments that support delivery, not governance and are compromised by disparate stakeholder needs Enable any software solution to map to the Core Data Model to ensure, Alignment to a standard, One size fits all integration model Implementation risk reduction and implementation cost saving. Greater number of sales / deployments possible and Best of Breed strategy for solutions more possible  IT, PMO, Delivery Community, Department Heads & resourcing teams. 
Change management and solution configuration / integration burden where one solution does not fit all requirements  Greater flexibility possible to adopt tools of choice  Less change management spend greater adoption benefits, less tool failure risk IT, PMO, Delivery Community, Department Heads & resourcing teams.  
Standard MI capability not off the shelf for client organisations Standard data services and MI capabilities based on the core standard IT savings creating and maintaining reports. Opportunity for service providers (PMO / Platform / Data / BI solutions) to deliver service as opposed to solution IT, PMO 
Stakeholder groups do not have simple access to data Standard data services and MI capabilities based on the core standard  Enable all stakeholders to access their perspective on P3M data All boards and executives. IT, PMO, Delivery Community, Department Heads & resourcing teams 
Governance framework operation poorly defined and struggles to provide control Clear governance framework, adoption of it, sustainment of it Less time spent in ineffective meetings making poor decisions, Better decisions, Cost savings faster/greater benefits – improve bottom line All boards and executives. IT, PMO, Delivery Community, Department Heads & resourcing teams 
Respected bodies frameworks are great in theory, but are not presently supported by data frameworks – meaning implementation and sustainment are more difficult Core data model that Respected Bodies have been involved in preparing and can jointly adopt and develop together Less cost to Respected Bodies to create their own framework, cross discipline solution that benefits the customer using multiple frameworks and tools All boards and executives, IT, PMO, Delivery Community, Department Heads  
Process and data assurance very difficult where multiple frameworks and tools are used Deliver a Core Data Model and related governance framework Enable easier, faster assurance and indirectly to better outcomes PMO, Delivery Community, Department Heads, Assurance 
No visibility of or mechanism to manage resource demand, supply, allocation and spend in a multi / zero tool scenario Aggregated resource picture to enable demand, supply and allocation management across the business. Assurance of priority implementation Effective resource utilisation. Focus on imperatives and necessities All boards and executives, PMO, Delivery Community. Department Heads & resourcing teams 
Project and Programme managers and PMO re-invent performance reporting MI Common capability, standards and MI callability Less time re-inventing wheels and sustaining them. Transportable capability. All boards and executives. IT, PMO, Delivery Community, Department Heads & resourcing teams 
Lack of belief in strategy attainment / risk / forecast outcome at the Cx Level leading to additional un-necessary oversight and checking Clear governance framework, core data standard and adoption of it, sustainment of it. Greater Cx level confidence  Reduction in unnecessary oversight and checking. Focus on Cx time on key issues, risks and decisions leading to effective strategy attainment. PMO, Delivery Community, Department Heads & resourcing teams Assurance 
Lack of insight on where funding is being consumed compared to where it is apparently deployed Include funding data into the Core P3M data model to enable integrated cost and funding decision making Funding deployed and spent on valuable initiatives with less wasted on lower priority items. PMO, Delivery Community Department Heads & Finance / Accounting teams 
Dependency management across solutions manual and problematic causing issues downstream where impacts are not anticipated Raise visibility of dependency above individual tooling Reduction if impact from effects of slippages and decisions in predecessor plans. PMO, Delivery Community, Department Heads & resourcing teams, Assurance 
Tool upgrade / replacement causes problems in continuity of reporting and maintenance of historical data Separation of core reporting from specific tooling and bi lateral integrations  Reporting from a datastore means tooling can be plugged in and out without affecting historical data or reports IT, PMO, All Boards, Department Heads 
Cannot easily integrate customer / supplier plans into our plans causing coordination difficulty Data store to give / take feeds in a common form with suppliers, partners & customers to share data without specific tooling or bi lateral integrations  Integration simpler and more reliable, less coordination issues. Greater likelihood of common understanding of status and forecast.  IT, PMO, All Boards, Department Heads, Customers, Suppliers 
Poor market appreciation of the issues and opportunities in P3M governance operation It will add to market knowledge and enhance how the CxO level can exercise better control and decision making Market perceives improvement as a possibility – less risky and less expensive than it presently does PMO, All boards 
Competing Professional Bodies / suppliers not agreeing a common approach between them, or between interest groups within them as this may risk losing reputation to a competitor The model will be of greater value as a model of common ownership will not give competitive advantage to one supplier or another. It is agreed this model will offer a greater chance of adoption and sustainment by the community Greater value, progress and simplicity of sustainment PMO, All boards