The Main Board Node recognises the Main Board as the primary leadership, governance and decision-making body within the organisation. It presents three sub-groups to focus on Operational, Product and Change Strategies. 

An agenda is provided for the Change Sub-Group which covers 

• Meeting Preparation, 

• Progress Status and Historical matters, 

• Focus on outcomes and Prediction of achievement (Near/Mid Term and Long Term), and 

• Meeting Actions. Within each section, topics are listed and include purpose and Management Information content definitions to comprise online dashboards. 

Further information is available within the Core P3M Data Club including the detailed materials underpinning the node definition, example management information examples to support the Change Sub-Group agenda, an example data collection spreadsheet, a data definition, an example data model and dashboard prototypes. This material is shared in the public domain for use ‘as is’ and for public, collaborative development which the voluntary Core P3M Data Club will manage. It is on a roadmap for release into Praxis. 

Further work is expected to share implementation stories, capture further MI examples, and develop agenda for the Operational and Product Sub-Groups, which depend on the contribution from volunteers (practitioners, consultants and tool vendors). 

Link to content here. 

Main Board – Change Sub-Group ‘Governance Agenda’